Are you busy? Let us purchase the merch for you.


We'll take responsibility for this part of your project to

save you the time and hassle.


*We'll ask the right questions. To make sure we understand.* 

* Make & stick to a project time line. You'll know what to expect.* 

* Prepare a back up plan. To make mole hills out of mountains.* 

* Find merch your recipients "Love".  To enhance your Brand!* 

*Then we'll get free samples.  Because quality matters.* 

* Learn and follow your brand manual. To protect your brand.* 

* Provide layouts & final proof before purchase. For high quality imprints.* 

* Provide tactical ideas that support your strategies. To help reach goals.*

 * Track production & delivery.  To make sure it goes as planned.* 

* Make you laugh. Well, at least smile, anyway.*


 Your Advocate will do the heavy lifting before and after you purchase.
Oh, what a relief it is.