Case Study: It’s a Date!

  • Jul 11, 2019

Description: Desk Calendar

Industry: Insurance

What it was purchased for: A local insurance agent wanted a way to connect with customers, and capture new leads, with a useful promotional item that would also boost her personal branding and promote her services all year round.

How it was distributed: This agent used the desk calendars as giveaways at local marketing events in lieu of handing out business cards. She offered two calendars to each visitor, asking them to share one with a friend or family member. The agent also kept a stack of calendars at her office reception desk as freebies for visitors to take home with them.

Result or ROI: By handing out a useful desk calendar instead of an ordinary business card, this agent set herself apart and kept her name visible to her customers every day. By giving out two calendars, she was successful in growing her referrals and added new customers to her book of business.

Bruce Reissaus, MAS
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