Charlie Sells Fish

  • Jan 23, 2018

In 1976 my brother's mother-in-law worked for Kraft foods.
She gave me a bottle opener. It has a high quality lapel pin type die cast decoration on it. The opener itself is high quality and very heavy.  It was presented to me in a 2 piece gift box.  It seemed very much like a gift.  I've kept it all these years and have used it nearly everyday.  It is now rusty in some places but still resides on top of other openers and is always the one I reach for in the kitchen drawer.  It has been and still gets tied to the cooler when we go on an outing.  I'd get over it, but know that if I ever dropped it in the lake and lost it, it would be like loosing an old friend.  
So what?  Well, until recently, I had not thought about this.  We are pretty frugal shoppers, except for some inexplicable behavior concerning tuna purchases. We comparison shop rather than being brand loyal on all our groceries. It is in our nature, so why do we always buy Starkist  tuna.  Sometimes by the case.  I like tuna, eat it often, but why the expensive stuff.  Why not one of the others when they are on sale? 
Could it be the opener? ..... Nah, well, maybe.  I consider myself to be pretty rational, but this is not rational behavior.  Maybe, just maybe a simple can/ bottle opener has influenced my buying habits.  Look, I know that promotional products effect thought patterns and behavior when used properly, but did not think it could happen to me.  
I don't know what Starkist spent to create a custom piece like this, but it has certainly returned the cost many times over.


Do not overlook one of the major advantages of this type of advertising.  Repeating impressions without additional cost.  Kraft Foods made a one time investment that has given them returns  on their investment for 32 years.  
Want to increase advertising ROI?  Let's talk about your next marketing project.   - Bruce