Customer Retention

  • Oct 23, 2016

Why do I listen to customers? Because they share wisdom that makes me a better promotional consultant.
Last week I was in such a discussion with a very smart marketer who happens to be my client.  She said, "Customer retention starts even before they are your customer and continues on a regular basis throughout the relationship.  If you wait until later at the point of decision to continue with you or not, you have already missed the chance to show them you care about them." 
Scrambling to save the account at the last minute only conveys the message that money is all you see when you look at them.  You might keep them, but it will cost you more money to do so at that point and provide a smaller return on future business.
Many times people think of a customer retention program as something that kicks in at the end of their customers contracts. You have to think about their relationship with your company before the end of their contract.  You must care about them all along the way and do things that recognize THEM as being important to you...


Promotional products are an essential part of customer retention programs.  They can act as constant reminders of your relationship with the recipient. Paired with the right strategy they can help you make good relationships even better.