Grand Opening Challenge or Opportunity?

  • Feb 14, 2018

What would you do?
Our client is a doctors office, a specialist.  They are growing and adding new offices.
The construction was running behind, so all the flooring and detailing had not been completed for their grand opening party.
The challenge:  Turn a negative into a positive.  The party must go on.  Every one likes a winner. People, especially referrers, like to associate with success.
The solution:  Rather than cancel the party or apologize for the mess, every attendee received a hard hat with logo when they arrived at the "pre-grand opening" party.
The Result: Some great relationships were generated by a medical specialist that was not overcome by a less than perfect environment they had hoped to show off.  Instead, they displayed their never say die attitude.  Everyone had a great time.
The results were so much better than they would have attained with yet another "perfect" party.


What is your challenge? Maybe we can help come up with an idea that makes it into an opportunity. Bruce