Is Big Data The Only Marketing You Need?

  • Feb 27, 2017

I was almost convinced, by on line marketing experts, that online targeted ads could always be at the right place at the right time without being obnoxious to the consumer. 
This changed my mind:
I was doing some research and catching up on colleagues comments in a "private" on line forum.  I became aware of being uncomfortable, then a few minutes later realized what caused my discomfort.  
I had gone on line to check on new running shoes.  Then immediately went to the local Shoe Store and bought the shoes I needed.
"Big Data" missed the target by sending advertising for shoes after the purchase.  But, Zappos did more than waste their money.  It ruined any chance that I would ever shop Zappos again.  Zappos invaded my personal space with messages that were useless as well as giving me discomfort in reminding me that my life is not private.  The barrage of ads and now a couple of unsolicited email from Zappos about running shoes has reached my email in box four days later.  
What can an advertiser do?  You need to be in front of potential customers when they are ready to buy.  However, you need a way to do that consistently and to be present when your customer is interested.  Not after they have decided, not an invasion of privacy, but still present when it is time to make a decision.
Promotional Products is a most effective way to be present at decision time.  "Thank you for this nice gift, I can really use this."  Always welcome, never invasive, creates a sense of gratitude in the receiver  Always present when the decision to buy is made.  Every other form of advertising, at continuing expense,  tries over and over again to reach large numbers of people in hopes the ad is received at the right time by the right people.  Promotional Products are given to high potential prospects and stay around, without additional cost, until a decision is made.
However it does more.  Good marketing offers value ahead of the purchase that begins the relationship before the selling.  All of Zappos selling was done to me, for their benefit, without regard for me, rather than giving me value before pitching or even asking permission to pitch, they invaded my space. Worse yet, they did so after the purchase was made else where.  They alienated me for the future after the opportunity for this sale had passed.
I will not visit THAT shoe company website again.  Zappos is Zero in my book.  Promotional Products is an essential advertising tool that remains in front of prospects, putting the advertiser in a positive light until the prospect is ready to buy. That is something that no other advertising medium does as well as Promotional Products.  Not even the newest highly touted "Big Data".


 People who are in highly defined prospect pools can be led to refer themselves to you when they are ready to buy.  Promotional products can open doors and smooth the way to new relationships as no other media can.  Do you need to open more prospect doors?  Maybe we can help them decide in your favor.  Let me know. Together we can explore the possibilities.   - Bruce