Seven Things Trustworthy Sales People Say and Do

  • Aug 8, 2017

1) "Let me get back to you ..."  Trustworthy sales people do not pretend to know what they do not know.  They do not look for quick answers when their customer's projects depend on the answers.
2) "Would you like to know why ..."  Trustworthy sales people are willing and able to explain why.  They do not expect customers to accept things just because they said so.
3) "I don't understand ..."  Trustworthy sales people do not pretend to understand just so they can move the sale forward. They seek to understand so they can find the right answers.
4) "Here is what can be done ..."  Trustworthy sales people give yes or no answers, they never leave it with a "maybe" or a "probably".  Further, they follow with what can be done if the answer is  "no".
5) "I'll follow up with you on ..." Trustworthy sales people do not let things just trail off without a resolution.  They are specific about the actions they will take.
6) "I said I would do this ..." Trustworthy sales people make promises and keep them.
7) "I'm sorry ..."  Trustworthy sales people take responsibility when things do not go as planned.  They do not blame others.  They step up to accept the challenge of fixing things.