Seven Ways To Foster Creativity

  • Feb 12, 2017

Great businesses depend on it.  If you want to stand out from the crowd and increase your business it helps to be innovative. If you are not different you can’t stand apart from the competition.

Here are 7 ways you can begin to foster creativity in your organization:

  1. Don’t be afraid of being innovative, encourage others to consider new procedures, new products, and new markets.  Notice immediately and banish the thought, “we can’t do that, we’ve never done it that way”.
  2. Explore how new ideas might work rather than dismissing them right away.  Yes, even the silly ones.
  3. Change the way people think by publicly acknowledging and rewarding those who submit creative ideas.  This takes special effort to change culture that makes it safe to repeat the same old things, while making it risky to be creative.
  4. Notice people who do more than list the problems but that also suggest solutions. Take note of their ideas and encourage them to continue exploring possibilities.
  5. Don’t get stuck doing something one certain way because that is the way it has always been done.  That does not mean you change for change sake, but realize that the well worn path that is so easy to follow might just be a rut.
  6. Define objectives clearly so that you work on the correct issues.
  7. Read Collapse of Distinction: Stand out and move up while your competition fails. by Scott McKain