Stop Looking For Ways to Defeat Customers

  • Feb 4, 2017

If you are in the business of building relationships there is a bad idea that is wide spread which you should dispose of now.
You've seen the sign on the wall and I have heard sales people say it: "You can have GOOD SERVICE, GOOD QUALITY, GOOD PRICE.  Pick two."  Sellers that subscribe to that idea intend to provide only one or fewer of those three items. They spend very little time thinking about quality or service. They tend to think that price is the determining factor and will sacrifice the other two at every opportunity.  They use that to threaten customers rather than making the effort to identify value they might bring to the table.  In fact they use that idea as a club to silence customers and a convenient way to stifle their own thinking about service and quality.
Price is only one possible value we bring to our customers.  It is never more or less important that the others.  One must find the balance of  benefits  vs. risks of a transaction.


Price is ONLY the easiest benefit to compare among alternative choices.  As sales people our purpose in the channel to market is to help find and implement the other benefits. Anyone can go on line and compare prices for themselves.  Sales people serve the interests of customers by helping customers find the course of action that serves their (the customers) interests.  Sales people are only needed to the extent that there are factors beyond price that make a difference to customer success. 
You might be surprised to learn that most of your customers already sense that something is wrong with that line.  That is why you chill relationships and cause customers to deal with you at arms length.  If trust is important to you then you must stop thinking the way that makes you agree with that sorry slogan and begin to focus on finding the mix of values that serve your customers best interests.
Bruce Reissaus, MAS