Under Promise & Over Deliver. Really?

  • Mar 14, 2016

I find the idea of "under promise and over deliver" to be repugnant because it is deceptive.  

It comes dressed as one of the good guys but really is dishonest.  It is a killer of greatness.

 It says, set yours and your customers expectations low and do only what is needed to exceed that minimum standard. How much better would it be to set very high goals and expectations then stretch to deliver even more?  


Which of those ideas will set you miles apart from your competition? Which one of these will leave you vulnerable?  Which of those ideas will make you personally reach for maximum achievement?  Setting expectations low will set you up to focus on how to just get by and in the process will also make you an easy target for the competition.  You can not wow customers by doing just enough to get by.  You can not be great by focusing on doing the minimum required.   


Bruce Reissaus, MAS