Use Promotional Products To Gain An Edge

  • Aug 29, 2017

Are you in a highly competitive industry?  Do your prices and your competitors go lower and lower.  Do you offer more and more services for free? Do you lack a direct connection to the decision maker? In each of these instances, promotional products can give you the edge.  Maybe they are already giving your competitors the edge over you.
Our client was having such a problem.  They manufacture entrance heaters used in retail stores.  The installation companies sell the heaters and the installation to the stores.  The manufacturer does not have direct contact with the buyer.  They depend on the installer to recommend their product over the other possible choices.  They decided to put a gift in every new installation package.  Results showed that installers began recommending their units over the others, even at slightly higher prices.  
There are many businesses that rely on professional referrers.  If your business is such a business, a simple referral program may be all you need to nose ahead of your competitors.
If a referral program is in your future, let us help you with ideas that will nose out your competition.
Bruce Reissaus, MAS