Product responsibility is smart business. Increasingly, your audience wants to know that products comply with environmental, social and product safety regulations and voluntary standards. 
For promotional products, compliance goes beyond the requirements placed on the manufacturer, because your intended use, logo, theme and distribution of the product will have bearing on the regulations that apply.  
We have establish processes and procedures to properly vet our factories. 
• We determine their strengths and weaknesses regarding corporate responsibility. 
• We require proof of compliance for any claims they make. 
• We stay away from firms which don’t know or don’t care. 
 We go beyond compliance with the letter of the law to keep you informed about intent, voluntary standards and how that relates to your specific circumstances.  
We fit the information provided by the manufacturer about the products to your intended use.  Then source products that are compliant with, and labeled properly for distribution as you intend.
Product safety is not a fad.  It is a long term trend that is increasingly important to your community. (Customers, employees and share holders.)  
We encourage our clients to make product safety and compliance an integral part of their product selection. We encourage clients by keeping the process simple and the information non-technical and specific to the circumstances at hand. 
 By working together we can ensure you have the right product for the right audience. Together, we’ll protect and promote your brand with a memorable, engaging and long-lasting program. 
Let us know if you have specific questions about your situation, we have or know where to find answers.