I've worked with Bruce on several separate marketing projects over the past eight years and have found his ideas to be very creative, and collaborative each time. Bruce proved to me that his objective is to make ME successful. I'd recommend Bruce to anyone who is looking for an honest, trust-worthy "partner" when it comes to marketing. Top qualities: Expert , High Integrity , Creative

  • Thomas Brooks Windfelder
  • T Brooks Financial

Bruce is an outstanding service provider and a great person to boot! I have had occasion to launch events at the last minute and Bruce always pulls through with aplomb. Bruce always provides the highest quality choices (that he verifies personally!), and his attention to the details of what we are looking for (and often what we didn’t realize we needed)can be the difference between standard results versus excellent results for me and my clients. He will be your partner in the truest sense of the word: looking out not just for your bottom line, but also for the strategic results needed to succeed over time. Bruce provides much more than just products and should be considered a valuable addition to any marketing, strategic or growth plan for nonprofit, corporate or event-related success!

  • Jodi Klebick
  • Klebick & Company

Bruce is the ultimate promotional specialist -- he has something for every product launch, company promotion or business gifting need. He is always on time with delivery (even if he has to drive it to you himself), his prices are competitive, and he is always thinking of your business and how he can help. He's a great member of the community too - giving of his time and products to worthy charity events.” I hired Bruce as a Marketing/Promotional products consultant in 2004 , and hired Bruce more than once. Top qualities: Great Results , Good Value , Creative.

  • Niki C.
  • Mc Donalds Corp.

Bruce and I have worked together for many years He has contributed to the success of my clients. I have found that many people will tell you they are in the promotional products business. You know the type: They have blinking name badges and frilly toys with them at all times. They are as noticeable as a clown at a circus, but pretty hard to take seriously. Bruce is a Promotional Strategist. The difference between the two is like the difference between the proprietor of a craft store and an artist. One provides the materials that can be molded into a masterpiece and the other creates the masterpiece. Bruce has connections to all types of promotional products, but also applies his talents to form those promotional products into high payback activities as part of a successful marketing plan. He provides you with highly effective strategies and products to achieve your results. Bruce looks for the key differentiators for you. Best of all, his suggestions all fit within your budget and achieve your goals. I recommend you talk with Bruce when you are formulating your marketing plan because he will show you how to add promotional products to your marketing mix to capture and retain customers.

  • Wayde D. Nelson
  • B$olutions, LLC

Bruce is excellent at suggesting creative ways to build your business and stay in touch with clients and customers using specialty products. He goes above and beyond in helping find the best item and idea to fit your needs.” November 19, 2009 Top qualities: Great Results , High Integrity , Creative I hired Bruce as a Promotional Products Consultant in 2007 , and hired Bruce more than once.

  • Becky H.
  • Financial Services

Bruce and Jennifer have provided us with stickers for our packages which are a very important part of our promotions. They worked very hard to get the color correct and worked with some difficult graphics. Not only that but they let us know when their supplier was having a special so they saved us money. Professional and complete. Always a pleasure to work with them. Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , On Time

  • Deb M.
  • Gift Consultant

When I first began working with Bruce, he got to know my company at the core. Asking detailed questions to provide me with the best possible products for my needs. I am so pleased with the results. Bruce has certainly worked very hard to make my company unforgettable.” Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , High Integrity

  • Denise H
  • Non Profit

Most of our testimonials say "Bruce" does this or "Bruce" does that. Truth is that Jennifer and I work as a team. I am most often the liaison with our clients so they write to me, however, when Jennifer joined me full time the results we obtained for clients grew exponentially. My favorite time of the day is our afternoon power hike. That hike keeps us in good physical and mental condition. We select a client and brainstorm during our hike solutions for challenges that client is facing. Thank you, Jennifer. Thanks to those clients who share the challenges with us.

  • Bruce Reissaus
  • Marketing That Sticks
  • Nov 07, 2012

Bruce and Jennifer have proven to be an outstanding asset to our organization. They created our product giveaways for the 2010 National Nutrition Month Campaign. Bruce and Jennifer offered numerous suggestions for appropriate products and than assisted with the layout. They are very precise and refused to create an item until they were 100% sure it is what WE wanted. They even sent us paper copies of color charts to prevent any color distortion due to the pixels on different computer monitor screens. We would highly recommend Bruce and Jennifer for all of your marketing needs.

  • Christine
  • Non Profit Association

Thank you for your results driven creative ideas for the sales team. You captured the imagination of our clients keeping us top of mind between contacts. It always seems so simple after it is done, I wonder why I didn't think of it myself.

  • Bill P
  • Financial Industry

Bruce is the ultimate professional and business partner. He thinks outside of the box to provide creative, unique recommendations on how to best represent your company with promotional materials. I highly recommend Bruce. Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity First hired Bruce in 2004.

  • Chris B
  • Technology Consultants

Bruce has good ideas that creatively tie giveaway promotions to marketing strategy. Top qualities: Good Value , On Time , Creative

  • Carmella Manges
  • Manges Marketing Services, Inc.